domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010


01 - Kiddus I - Graduation In Zion
02 - Thriller & Phillip Fraser - Woman A Di Yard
03 - Gyptian - Watch What You Doing
04 - Frank Dowding - Graduation In Dub
05 - Roberto Sanchez - Blind Souls
06 - Nano Bravo - Ojos De Leon
07 - Mark Wonder - My Love Is Burning
08 - Capleton - Shoot First Ask Question After
09 - Frank Dowding - Graduation In Zion Riddim
Bonus Track
10 - Graduation In Zion (Audio Mix)
11 - Frank Dowding - Graduation In Dub Part. 2
Link para download:

No it won't be too long now,
No it won't be too long.
All of the sufferings,
And wrong soon will be right.
Oh yes, yeah, yeah.
Keep the faith my brothers and sisters,
It's the cross that you bear,
And fear not saying Jah Law,
Whatsoever, ever man sow it,
They all will reap, the fruits,
Of their labours, yes they will, in the end,
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, seek ye Good and not evil,
Ooohh I beg you, my brethren,
And cheer up, cheer up, cheer up,
Cheer up, cheer, yeah.
Now all folly workers now beware,
Ease my cry,
Less the wrath you call down on yourselves,
Be to dread for even you, to the end.
Oh yeah, yeah, oh oh yeah, yeah.
As the way is of the Lion, is death with Babylon,
And the gift of Jah, eternal life in Zion.
Oh yes, yeah, yeah...

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