quarta-feira, 24 de maio de 2017

DELROY WILSON - What's Going On

Bass: Lloyd Parks, Fully, Robbie
Drums: Santa, Horsemouth, Sly, Devon
Guitar: Chinna, Tony, Bo Peep, Andy
Keyboards: Bubbles Waul, Sterling, Robbie Lyn
Horns: Dean Fraser, Deadly Headley
Produced by: Kenneth Hoo Kim, Delroy Wilson, Castro Brown
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed by: Barnabas
Engineered by: Soljie


01 - Sharing The Night Together
02 - In Love With A Beautiful Woman
03 - Do That To Me One More Time
04 - What's Going On
05 - Play Something Pretty
06 - Love To See You Smile
07 - There's No Getting Over Me
08 - Honey
09 - Ain't That Peculiar

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