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ERNIE SMITH - To Behold Jah (1979)

Vocals: Ernie Smith
Backing Vocals: Jo Jo Bennett & Clive Ross & Glen Ricketts & Tony Nicholson & Paul Corby
Drums: Wadi Daniel
Bass: Clive Ross
Lead Guitar: Paul Corby
Guitar: Clive Ross & Ernie Smith
Keyboards: Jo Jo Bennett
Synthesiser: Jo Jo Bennett
Horns: Jo Jo Bennett
Congas: Wadi Daniel & Clive Ross & Jo Jo Bennett & Ernie Smith
Percussions: Tony Nicholson
Overdubs Engineer: Rick Knight & John Forbes & Alex King
Recording Engineer: George Semkiw
Mixing Engineer: George Semkiw
Arranger: Jo Jo Bennett & Clive Ross
Producer: Ernie Smith
Studios Recording: Phase One (Toronto, CA) & RCA (Toronto, CA)
Studios Mixing: Phase One (Toronto, CA) & RCA (Toronto, CA)
Overdubs Recording: The Grange (CA)


01 - Show Me A Sign
02 - To Behold Jah
03 - Who I Am
04 - Freedom
05 - Take Your Time
06 - Don’t Let Me Down
07 - Time
08 - Top Rankin Skankin

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