quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

PABLO MOSES - Confession Of A Rastaman 

Backing Vocals: Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffith, Pam Hall, Nadine Sutherland, Dalton Browne, Clevie Browne
Bass: Robbie, Danny Thompson
Drums: Sly
Guitar: Dwight Pickney
Keyboards: Robbie Lyn, Dennis Bovell, Noel Browne, Danny Browne
Sax: Dean Frazer
Trombone: Nambo
Trumpet: David Madden, Chico Chin
Percussion: Sly, Sticky, Garry Tee Powell
Nyahbingi Foot Drum: Sly
Produced by: Antoine Olivier, Pablo Moses
Recorded at: Mixing Lab
Mixed by: Dennis Bovell, Lynford Marshall, Karl Toppin, Wingy Thompson
Mixed at: Mixing Lab
Engineered by: Fatta, Wingy Thompson, Malcolm, Bulby, Voltage, Kari Toppin


01 - The Confession Of A Rastaman
02 - Give Up
03 - Lynch Mob
04 - What We Need
05 - Laugh Clowns
06 - Is Black
07 - African Children
08 - Woo-oo
09 - Life Of A Big Shot
10 - Nowadays
11 - Comfort You
12 - Try To Know
13 - Everytime
14 - I Need A Break
15 - Dis Reggae

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