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JOHNNY CLARKE - No Woman No Cry (1976)

Bass: Robbie Shakespear, George Fulwood
Drums: Santa, Carlton Barrett, Brother Benbow
Lead Guitar: Earl Smith
Keyboard: Augustus Pablo, Ian Winter, Ossie hibbert
Piano: Augustus Pablo, Bernard Harvey
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Aston Barrett, Brother Bogga, Brother Moris
Productor: Bunny Lee
Studio (Mix): King Tubbys
Engineer: Osbourne Ruddock a.k.a King Tubby
Studio (Mastering): Dynamic Sounds
Engineer: Graeme Goodall
Cover: Brian Levy
Illustrations: Shirley Chang, Peter Maguire
Design Album: Stephenson's


01 - Sugar, You Are Mine
02 - It's A Rainy Night In Georgia
03 - In The Roots Of The Ghetto
04 - Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked
05 - Don't Cry My Baby
06 - I Hold The Handle
07 - No Woman No Cry
08 - Hold On
09 - Out Of Sight
10 - Give Me The Right To Say You Are Mine
11 - Girl Of My Dreams
12 - Judge No Man

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