segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012

BOB ANDY - Retrospective

Backing Vocals: The Connection, Margaret Lewis, Shirley Eaton, Geoffrey Chung, Time, Dawn Forrester, Phillipa Street, I-Threes
Bass: Boris Gardiner, Jackie Jackson, Robbie, Val Douglas, Geoffrey Chung
Drums: Boo Richards, Carlton Barrett, Derrick Stewart, Chinna
Guitar: Mikey Chung, Michael Murray, Chinna, David Bryan, Lennox Gordon, Dougie
Keyboards: Winston Wright, Leslie Butler, Clive Hunt, Richard Ace, Geoffrey Chung
Percussion: Irvine Jarrett, Bob Andy
Synthesizer: Jerome Franscique
Produced by: Keith Anderson
Recorded at: Chalk Farm, Dynamic, Harry J


01 - Too Proud To Beg
02 - You Don't Know
03 - Patience Is The Key
04 - Life
05 - Desperate Lover
06 - Rock It Down
07 - Fire Burning
08 - Let Them Say
09 - Nyah
10 - Hell A Go Broke Loose
11 - Check It Out

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