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Produced by: Doctor Dread & Israel Vibration
All songs written by: Lascelle 'Wiss' Bulgin
Drums: Style Scott, Carl Ayton, Sly Dunbar, Calvin Mckenzie, Max Edward
Bass: Flabba Holt, Robbie Shakespeare, Mike Starr, Phillip Fullwood
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pinkney, Mikey Chung, Eric Frater, Michael Starr, Sweeney Williams
Rhythm Guitar: Bingi Bunny, Steve Golding
Piano: Tee-Bird, Earl Fitzsimmons
Keyboards/Organ: Tee-Bird, Mallory Williams, Robbi Lynn, Augustus Pablo, Tyrone Downie, Earl 'Wya' Lindo, Franklyn Waul, Keith Sterling
Percussion: Sticky, Skyjuice, Alvin Haughton, Harry T, Sidney Wolfe
Horns: Dean Fraser, Nambo, Chico, David Madden, Ras Brass
Recording Engineers: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA, and Leggo's Recording Studio, JA; Paul Davidson at Channel One; Scientist at Channel One; Solijie; Paul Daley; Stephen Stanley; Dennis Thompson; Errol Brown; Chaio Ng
Mixing Engineers: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA; Errol Brown at Tuff Gong, JA; Scientist at Channel One
01 - Licks And Kicks
02 - Universal Father
03 - Cool And Calm
04 - Greedy Dog
05 - Vultures
06 - Jailhouse Rocking
07 - Poor Man Cry
08 - Soldiers Of Jah Army
09 - Naw Give Up The Fight
10 - Mr Consular Man
11 - Hard Road
12 - Get Up And Go
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