domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

FREDDIE McGREGOR - Across The Border

Vocals: Freddie McGregor
Backing Vocals: Danny Browne, Pablo Black, Freddie McGregor, Dalton Brownie, Cleavie Browne, Pam Hall & Anicea Banks
Drums: Cleavie Browne
Bass: Bagga Walker
Rhythm Guitar: Dalton Brownie, Glen Brown & Danny Browne
Lead Guitar: Dalton Brownie & Larry White
Synthesiser: Mallory Williams, Tyrone Downie, Pablo Black & Robert Lynn
Piano: Geoffrey Chung & Pablo Black
Organ: Pablo Black
Horns: Egbert Evans, Michael Carroll, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, Chico Hamilton & David Madden
Percussions: Everton Carrington
Producer: Freddie McGregor
Arranger: Geoffrey Chung, Dalton Brownie & Freddie McGregor
Engineer: Geoffrey Chung & Crucial Bunny
Mixing Engineer: Geoffrey Chung, Dalton Brownie, Tad Dawkins & Freddie McGregor
Studios Recording: Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA), Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA) & Music Mountain (Kingston, JA)
Studio Mixing: Quad Radial (Miami, USA)
01 - Across The Border
02 - Freddie
03 - Out Of The Valley
04 - Work To Do Today
05 - Guantanamera
06 - Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
07 - Love Will Solve
08 - War Mongers
09 - High Tension
10 - Freedom, Justice And Equality

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